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that writer/artist thing going around where a writer and an artist do stuff for each other then do new things based on what the other did for them looks SO FUN but I can’t draw and my writing is horrible :c

actually I don’t know what would be (hilariously) worse

Fuji taking responsibility for explaining things to Yuuta or

the fact that Atsushi wouldn’t have those classes but Ryou would

whenever I am sad I think about Saint Rudolph probably having zero sex ed classes and Fuji Syuusuke taking matters into his own hands when it comes to explaining everything Yuuta needs to know

actually you wanna know my YuGiOh OTP to end all OTPs
these losers

actually you wanna know my YuGiOh OTP to end all OTPs

these losers



every time I think I’m officially past YuGiOh I’ll see something about it and my heart does a full on I’LL NEVER LET GO JACK


and at some point they all ride motorcycles

LoveLizLisa’s Hogwarts!AU Tennis Post


first if all here’s my main hogwarts au tennis tag that has been out of use for a while

(written a long time ago!) profiles for:

while Higa and Shitenhouji do have basic profile information on my computer, I never got around to filling out full profiles for them…one day…

some posts about the N.E.W.T. ball

gryffindor quidditch team

house representation among the different PoT schools

some silliness

and a ducksushi/kisarazu twin-centric fic I wrote in this AU a while back because hey why not

this is turning out to be like entirely dialogue and it sucks and I hate it

me with everything I write ever

me with everything I write ever