♥~lalala lisa!~♥

VS is one of my favourite tenimyu songs because it sounds like higa have decided the entire of prince of tennis is a load of bs and you know what yes that is exactly what it is

I have some train journeys tomorrow

I wonder how I’ll pass the time

*tennis music plays in the distance*

maybe I should stick it in my planner and carry it wherever I go

I need to print out that encouraging taka-san post to put on my wall at uni but do I print it out on my terrible printer here at home

I’m still doki-ing from a dream I woke up from 10 hours ago am I actually going to be able to fall asleep

I really want to write tennis fic about yuuji because he’s amazing but

I’m so happy that the prince of naniwa episodes have actual scenes where I used to live/go to school

golden pair are practically as all over each other as baka pair are and I think that’s beautiful

"No, the A stands for allies. Just because you don’t have sex doesn’t mean you’re queer."

College orientation leader submitted by anonymous

[ S/N: After stating in front of everyone who attended Orientation that the ‘A’ in LGBTQIA stood for ‘Allies.’ I corrected them, and this was the response.]

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